I am currently accepting books for reviews. Please note that I provide honest feedback on the book. If you are looking for someone to go all “praises” for your book, I may not be the right person. I will write only what I feel after reading the book. The review along with being published on my blog and it’s Facebook page, will also be posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

Kindly do not expect the review to be published immediately, for I may have other books before yours, and also, a deep and insightful review will take time, but not more than 2 weeks from the date of the receipt of the book.

P.S. Do go through my other reviews before choosing me as your reviewer, I have a style, which you must be comfortable with.


If you have a story behind your work or about your journey as an author and wish to share it with the world, I will be happy to take your interview. I will send you a word copy of the questions which you can send me back with your answers and a photo, which you would like to go up along with the same. The date of publication will be communicated to you after receiving the answers. 


I provide a ‘featured’ position on my blog that doesn’t get hid under the piles of other reviews. I will also make your book cover my  blog’s Facebook cover page, promote it and let the world know that your book is out there to be bought.

For any of the above services, drop me an email at merrygoreviews@gmail.com OR send me a message through below contact form OR chat with me on any of my social media accounts

You will be reverted to within the day.

All of the above services are commissioned.