Review – “Where Is Baby’s Belly Button” by Karen Katz

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button by Karen Katz was the first and only flap book that I bought for T. God, baby books are expensive, and more so when they are by international authors. But a parent has got to do what they got to do. Unlike a lot of toddlers her age, T was never particularly interested in lifting the flaps so that also kind of deterred me from getting more such books. It was only after she turned 18+ months that she started to really enjoy this book, lifting the flaps and laughing while she showed her own body parts.


  • Flaps, they will give a sense of independence to the baby who is stepping into toddlerhood. They can be lifted rather animatedly. 
  • Introduction of basic body parts. The child can simultaneously be taught their body parts and asked to show/point to them.
  • The book can be used later to start the introduction of prepositions. 

WHAT WE DISLIKED the flaps are rather flimsy, made of just paper as compared to the board pages. this book would be at risk at the hands of an over-excited baby/toddler.

A delightful lift-the-flap book for your child to begin exploring the wonderful world of books. Published by Simon and Schuster. Recommended age 12+ months but can begin early if the child has previously shown interest in touch-feel/cloth/other flap books.


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