Review – “What Shall I Make?” by Nandini Nayyar

What Shall I Make? by Nandini Nayyar was an impulse buy. I was looking for books for T when I chanced upon this. Since it was way below the price I was paying for other books, I bought it immediately not really knowing what it was about. But numerous readings and play dough animals later, it is one of T’s favorite books, lines from which she repeats when she makes snakes with the dough she gets from her Dadi.

Neeraj is playing with the dough his mother kneads and offers him. What does he make and imagine with it? Let us find out.


  • Simple and lucid language.
  • Adventurous imagination.
  • Breaking gender stereotypes with a boy helping his mother in the kitchen (I love this one)
  • Encourages pretend and self play (T makes a lot of things with her dough herself) 

WHAT WE DISLIKED the illustrations could have been better but as long as it works for the child, why not!

Can’t recommend this enough! Published by Tulika Publishers. Recommended age 2+ years.


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