Review – “Up and Down” by Oliver Jeffers

Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers came to us after we had got his 2 books. T had by now associated well with The Boy and later, the penguin. This one came as a surprise, the story I mean. I didn’t really know what to expect when I had bought it, but it wasn’t what I got. The simplicity of the story, while dealing with the heavyweight aspects of life, independence and friendship, awed me.
I am, therefore, an OJ fan out and out.

Taking forward the friendship of The Boy and the penguin, this book tells us how the penguin is desperate to fly on his own. After several attempts at flying, and failing miserably, the penguin gets an opportunity to realize his dream. But what will it cost?


  • Illustrations. Big and spanning both pages, giving ample clarity in viewing.
  • Short and simple text.
  • Friendship and reliability are dealt with extreme care. They come together and must be adhered to together.
  • Independence. The courage to want something out of the group, out of the box, and without the help of others, is okay.

WHAT WE DISLIKED like other OJ books, nothing really except the illogical actions. But then, anything is possible when imagination takes wings.

Recommended to buy it after the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. It kind of has a continuation of the characters. Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books. Recommended age 2.5+ years.

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