Review – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” By Eric Carle

So today I officially venture into the arena of reviewing toddler books. It had to happen sooner or later because my bookasaurus daughter T (as I would call her in all my posts from now on) has literally become a monster from the timid listener she used to be and asks to read books to her at practically every hour, phew! So much for exposing and encouraging her to get into the world of literary heaven.

Although I had got a few books when my daughter was 5 months, I never really introduced them because I got lazy and she didn’t show much interest and I got lazier. Nevertheless, the guilt of not letting her decide if she would like this heaven or not kept nagging me, you see, I put the books away only to take them out a year later when a friend gifted us this book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle on one of our playdates. So several days and many readings later, we felt T taking her baby steps towards the heaven in which I and her father already had roots.

This book tells the story of a teeny-tiny caterpillar and how it eats its way through various things over the week to reach a stage of a stomach ache. Further, our tiny caterpillar grows, and soon it isn’t tiny anymore. The transformation is inevitable, the butterfly flies out of the book and T enjoys flying her own butterfly fashioned out of the book’s pages divided into 2 flaps like wings. I must say, I think that is the only thing she looks forward to and sits through the entire reading.


  • Colorful, beautiful, and full-paged illustrations.
  • The process of metamorphosis told so interestingly to toddlers (which I believe is a highly active stage and anything that catches their attention repeatedly has to be interesting)
  • Short, simple, and easy sentences, nothing too fancy to put off the child.
  • Names of week’s days, although T still hasn’t picked that up.
  • Last, but not the least, the numerous foods that are mentioned in the story, T can now recognize them all though we don’t eat a few of them.

WHAT WE DISLIKED basically nothing, this book is a classic, a keeper, and an all-time favorite.

So call that bookstore and order your copy to enjoy it! Published by Puffin Books. Recommended for 18+ months.


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