Review – “The Party In The Sky” by Jane Desouza

The Party In The Sky by Jane Desouza is one of those books which I bought on the recommendation of a friend and also because the publisher had a sale going on (broke all the time, more so after T started reading books, they are so expensive!) Anyway, what matters is that T liked it a lot, I keep repeating the important stuff from the book to her and she keeps asking me. We haven’t read this one on a loop because she is a little young to grasp it in its entirety, but nevertheless, it is an enjoyable book, no harm introducing it earlier than the recommended age.

Come with Anahi and Vir as they take you to the party in the sky, beyond our eyes can see and where our imaginations should be.


  • Beautiful, beautiful illustrations.
  • An accurate description of features of the planets in the sentences.
  • Fun learning, undoubtedly (those looking for play ideas, this will be one of the best books to arrange a play on)
  • Short and rhyming sentences, easy to read, explain, and understand.

WHAT WE DISLIKED the page boards are a little flimsy, so be careful with a super active toddler who might fold them.

A highly fun book to introduce the solar system to young kids, not to be missed at all! Published by Little Latitude Publishing. Recommended age 2.5+ years.


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