Review – “The Lion Inside” by Rachel Bright

I keep buying books for T all the time. Whenever I come across a recommendation that looks good and has great reviews from fellow parents, I make sure I get that book for my girl. I tend to forget who recommended it t me, LOL. The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright is one such book. I don’t remember when I bought it or who pointed me towards it but it is here with us, and T loves it. Such a simple book with such a profound message. I know it will be years before she really grasps what the book was saying to her.

The mouse is small and the world is big. Sad that he is left out of most things fun, the mouse wants to learn to roar, and who better than the lion to teach him that. But the lion is big and might eat him.


  • Beautiful and detailed illustrations. One can simply gaze at them for a long long time.
  • Rhyming text. A great attraction for kids and adults who like to read the story animatedly. Lots of theatrics can be done as well, there are plenty of sound words.
  • The message is simply the best. I think it couldn’t have gotten better than this.
  • As much as the kids would enjoy this book, there is something for the adults too. The message that this book sends out, is the true essence of being human.

WHAT WE DISLIKED absolutely nothing. Children’s books are so lovely, there is hardly anything to dislike.

Can’t recommend it enough. Published by Orchard Books. Recommended age 2-2.5+ years.

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