Review – “Snappy Birthday” By Mark Sperring And Laura Ellen Anderson

The sleeper hit of the lot I bought just before the lockdown in March would be this book, Snappy Birthday by Mark Sperring and Laura Ellen Anderson. I get a lot of stuff from e-commerce websites, especially when I have nothing else to do and a whole lot of wallet balance. LOL. This book was an impulse buy (read it was selling cheap given it is a children’s book by an international author) but T wouldn’t have it any of the readings I tried with it until one fine day I told her the entire story translated in Hindi and presented the crocodile as a friendly one.

When the children of Number 22 receive an invitation from their mysterious next-door neighbor, they accept because who wouldn’t want to go to a party! What they don’t know yet is that their neighbor is a  crocodile named Mr. Snap. Come celebrate with the children and Snap as they sing Snappy a very happy birthday.


  • Illustrations. They are extremely colorful and eye-catching.
  • The story is witty, rhymes, and it can be read and told in various animated ways. T enjoys most when I accompany the tale with some action and make faces/noises.
  • Mr. Snap, the crocodile.
  • Lots of things to find and point out (T enjoys it, for some toddlers, it may be difficult and hence, frustrating)

WHAT WE DISLIKED a little too loud in colors, and numerous elements all thrashed together into every single page which might get overwhelming for young toddlers.

Do get this book, it may or may not be a hit but it is definitely worth buying and trying. Wait for the things to get normal to let the prices fall. Published by Bloomsbury. Recommended age 2+ years.

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