Review – “Reminiscences of a Seeker” by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Reminiscences of a Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a true account of the author himself. The story follows the protagonist Kapil, in his journey to see and know the Ultimate Divine, with the help of his True Master, enlightening and showing him the way.

Kapil has always been a sensitive person, spiritually. When he was young, he usually fell ill whenever he came in contact with spirit energy. As he grew up, his interest in spirituality grew and he yearned for a Master to guide him. His search leads him to a Tantric master after the latter rescues him from a spirit hell-bent on taking him with it. Therefore, he decides to make the Tantric his Master and initiates the process. Over a period of time, his association with the Tantric helps him grow, spiritually and he finds himself capable of a lot of Siddhis. As he progresses, he gets to know his Master more, his tactics, and his true colors. But as a faithful disciple, he shuts his ears and closes his eyes to all the stuff which will make him go against his Master. But fate has other plans, he soon finds himself in the company of an Aghori, who helps him get rid of his previous Master, who was harming him in all possible ways when Kapil no longer wanted to be with him.
This leads to the second Master Kapil had the Aghori. No better than the last, this Aghori hoodwinked Kapil into doing his bidding, tied him with himself by the means of his powers, and made him do and see things that he never wanted. Though he learned, his heart was never truly devoted. And when he couldn’t take it any longer, he turned to his God, to help him out. It is then that he was set free, which relieved him, but both his previous Masters never left him, they always tried to create problems for him. He tries to keep them at bay, with the help of his own powers, when one day a Guru arrives at his place and tells him that he is his True Master.

The author here has penned a personal account, giving the readers a peek into his spiritual journey. With first-person narration and simple language, he uses precise points and doesn’t drag. Frankly, when I started reading this book, I wanted to withdraw, but I didn’t because I had to review it, and by the time I was 20% into it, I was intrigued. The author’s anecdotes with his Tantric and Aghori masters, and also the high level spiritual and mystic happenings in his life, kept me hooked, and to say that I am not into non-fiction. I probably am not the right person to review such a book, since I can definitely say that I am an absolute zero in my awakening level after having read it. But I have still tried, and I hope has done it right.
The story is formed via a collection of incidences and events that have happened in the life of the protagonist, which one way or the other has affected his spiritual life. These incidences sometimes happened with the leader himself, or with someone he knew, either way, he was the center of it. The use of secondary characters in this way was a little confusing for me, for I forgot who was who if they appeared again at a later stage in the story. When the central character is a strong one, it usually tends to overshadow all the others, even if some of them are prominent enough on their own. But since this story is about the seeker himself, I think there is no harm done. The plot is littered with Divine interventions as well as the negative forces. One thing that I couldn’t find an answer to in the story, is that why did the author want to embark on a journey to attain the highest level of enlightenment? Why such strong will to have a Master and learn from him to seek Him? Is it because he wanted to be famous? Or because his life felt incomplete even after he had everything? But I can only guess. I don’t know how much of what I read is true or even if it can happen or not, but I know there are energies in this world, which takes an awakened being to understand. The description of the practices of the Tantric and The Aghori are brutal, one thinks if such people even have the right to exist! The showcase of the dark side seems honest, and now if I come to think about it, probable. The acceptance by the lead that he did make mistakes, and was guilty of doing things that he shouldn’t have thought about in the first place, is brave. After all, to err is human.


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