Review – “Ranganna” By Arthi Anand Navaneeth

I got Ranganna by Arthi Anand Navaneeth as a haul along with few other books when the lockdown was lifted first and deliveries started. Oh God, I was so so relieved to have got this, especially the Hindi version because I was literally sick of translating other books that T had. It soon became the favorite book for T and we had to do multiple (read uncountable) readings in a matter of just a few days. Phew! Somehow I never like reading a book twice back to back even if it is a children’s book. So, the onus of re-reading usually fell upon dear Papa.

Ranganna elephant would like nothing but colors, all around him, and all over himself if had his way. When his friends show him their new nail polish, his only wish is to get his nails painted as well. What do you think he’ll do?


  • A colorful story, what I call rainbow-ed. Lots of colors to learn and point.
  • The sheer Indian-ness.
  • The beautiful message behind the story, of friendship, of respect, and of accepting anyone as they are.
  • The most striking and beautiful illustration of the book that was Ranganna standing in front of a huge rainbow, spread over 2 pages. 

WHAT WE DISLIKED some of the illustrations were not as great and felt that not much work has been put behind them (I felt this, of course, T still likes it anyway)

Go for it, it is a colorfully beautiful book to have in the collection. Published by Tulika Books. Recommended age 2+ years.


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