Review – “Raindrops” by Vaishali Shroff

Raindrops by Vaishali Shroff is an extremely light book, both in terms of its looks and story. It can be easily read to a toddler and what better time to introduce it now when we are in the midst of monsoons to make it more understandable and enjoyable. T took to this book instantly, unlike all the others which I have introduced to her to date and which took multiple readings over days, for her to get used to them. Needless to say, we are reading this book on a loop and multiple times in each sitting. LOL. 

Little Anju is standing at her window and seeing the raindrops fall from the grey cloudy sky. As much as she enjoys looking at the view below, she is also enamored by the display the drops make on her window panel.


  • The illusive watercolor illustrations bringing to life a rainy day on the pages.
  • The explicit descriptions of a rainy day and its relatability.
  • The imaginative window panel giving wings to a child’s mind.
  • Anju’s concern for the little puppy.

WHAT WE DISLIKED nothing at all, it was simply perfect.

A subtle and realistic story to be read to young toddlers. Highly recommended. Published by Tulika Publishers. Recommended age 2-2.5+ years.


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