Review – “Neelu’s Big Box” by Nandini Nayyar

Neelu’s Big Box by Nandini Nayyar again was an impulse buy. Having bought a bunch of books by the same publisher and at having found them super, my search continued again for cheaper and affordable books if I had to keep introducing new books to T. when I finally got to read this book, T didn’t show much interest and still doesn’t show, but it definitely kicked her imagination. I don’t know how much of her self play stemmed from reading such books, but I have seen her grow into a self-reliant toddler when it comes to playing with the limited toys we get for her (I believe in using what she already has and of course, books, which she will always get, whichever she wants) and imagining them to be things which we never could.

Neelu is a fun little girl who just wants to make use of the big box she found. She tries to use it in a way but fails before she could start playing. Not giving up, she finds another way out of the problem, and voila, she now has what she wants.


  • Short sentences and lucid writing, easy to explain and understand.
  • The imaginative Neelu gives much scope for children to pick up traits and become imaginative themselves.
  • A kind of quirkiness that Neelu exhibits, it makes her more relatable.
  • Encouraging self-play and making use of the stuff found in each house.

WHAT WE DISLIKED nothing at all!

A fun story of a little girl which your child will enjoy. Definitely a must. Published by Tulika Publishers. Recommended age 2.5+ years.


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