Review – “Mother: In the presence of The Sacred Feminine” by Rajesh Talwar

Mother: In the presence of The Sacred Feminine by Rajesh Talwar is more or less a spiritual book, which talks about the power of the Mother Goddess, The Vaishno Devi. Since the book doesn’t hold any story as such, this time I would skip straight to analysis, without a synopsis. The book is not a lengthy one, finished it off in a single sitting, so the review is going to be quite precise and crisp.

The book sees two sets of narration, first, where the author is the first person and second, where the Goddess is the first person. The language is simple, though the author has tried to make it seem like a more structured and complicated one. There are repetitions, of words, of lines and of quotes, while being adjacent to each other, like simultaneous paragraphs. This is my first of its kind book, and somehow, I didn’t feel the attraction I thought I’d feel. All the while reading the book, I was trying to look for meaning, a meaning which I didn’t already know via my elders’ words of wisdom, and somehow couldn’t find it. As I am not much of a believer of physical deities, but am definitely a follower of spirituality through the divine power, which I know exists and is always at work, it was a little difficult for me to comprehend the situation presented in the book.
As the title suggests, I had expected it to be a revelation of The Sacred Feminine, with some researched facts or maybe some unknown stuff, rather than an account of old realities/tales/myths/legends/values, packed in an envelope of divine intervention, real or not, I can’t say. From the story behind the setting up of the shrine of Vaishno Devi to the days when people visit it for a spiritual purpose, there is nothing new in the plot, except that it delves into details as to how one should let go off the evils to truly be blessed by The Mother by the means of Her giving a handful of people life lessons.

Recommended to the spiritual seekers.


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