Review – “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers was T’s second book by the author. I introduced it only when I was sure she has got used to The Boy and his ways from the previous book (he is a little different you see) She took to this book after a while, only when she understood the story well after repeated readings. It has now become a classic and she asks for it lesser each day, though it has been a hit.

The Boy finds a penguin at his door one day and doesn’t know what to do. He thinks that the penguin is lost, but is he?


  • The Boy’s helpful personality, although peculiar, is full of warmth and welcome, and that is what children should be exposed to.
  • The concept of loneliness is handled so beautifully, it took me a couple of readings before I could appreciate it myself.
  • Full paged illustrations. Never fails to grab the attention of a scampering toddler. 
  • Dealing with feelings. Realization, acceptance, and action.

WHAT WE DISLIKED like all of OJ books, this one too has some things that can’t be termed logical from an adult point of view. But then for a child, anything is possible and okay.

Recommended! Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books. Recommended age 2-2.5+ years.


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