Review – “Little Red Riding Hood” By Campbell Books

The Campbell books were the very first books were I bought for T. Being board books, they seemed the best option when she was going through a phase of drooling and putting her unclean hands on anything she wanted and everything within her reach. Little Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale, although here, for toddlers, it has been simplified in some short sentences accompanied by illustrations and special features to keep them engaged.

Red goes to visit her Grandma in her house, but who is that following her? Will Red and Grandma be safe from the big bad creature?


  • Quality of the board is super, even after regular rough use of 20+ months, it still holds well.
  • Colorful and full-page illustrations.
  • Simple, short, and explainable sentences.
  • The push/pull/slide/roll features which give a sense of accomplishment to the child along with building their motor skills.

WHAT WE DISLIKED nothing as such, we still read the story sometimes, though over-excited toddlers may pull out the features entirely if left unsupervised.

This is a must-have. Published by Campbell Books (Pan Macmillan) Recommended age 18+ months.


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