Review – “Little Laali” by Alankrita Jain

Little Laali by Alankrita Jain is a fun story of a little girl wanting to do things that she can’t do yet. The first time I read this book to Tashi, she wasn’t the least bit interested, and even now it isn’t her go-to book. It was only able to get a meh response from her after all these months of readings. Hope your child likes it better. 

Laali is extremely angry. The adults won’t let her do stuff for which she is too small, or so they think. 


  • The imaginative Laali.
  • Introduction to unusual animals/insects.
  • Short and easy sentences to read and understand.

WHAT WE DISLIKED the illustrations are uninteresting like done in a haste and for the heck of it.

Missable! Published by Tulika Publishers. Recommended age 2.5+ years.


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