Review – “If There Was One Thing I Could Be” by Kalpana Subramanian

If There Was One Thing I Could Be by Kalpana Subramanian is one of its kind. T didn’t take to this book immediately but definitely liked it (she was too young when I introduced this book to her) we have read it numerous times but now, I am kind of giving it a break to let her grow up and re-introduce. I, however, found this book really interesting, again, thanks to the friend who introduced me to this publisher.

What does Vir want to be? He wants to be a bird, of course, if he could be. But why? Follow him, as he tells us about his choice that will set him free.


  • Illustrations, extra detailed and simply amazing.
  • Short rhyming sentences.
  • The myriad range of birds from the animal kingdom and their distinguishing features.
  • The message of confidence and positivity.

WHAT WE DISLIKED a little too much details for toddlers, even older ones will be struggling in the beginning to grasp the concept of the book and the details.

A confidently positive book, highly recommended. Published by Little Latitude Publishing. Recommended age 2.5 – 3+ years.


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