Review – “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae

I bought Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae after it had been sitting in my cart for a long time. I hadn’t been introduced to this author before this book and I am so so pissed. Not only are his books lovely, but they also impart really important life lessons, ones which are easy to overlook. After laying my hands on this one for T, I bought a few more by him and we haven’t looked back since.

Gerald the tall giraffe wants to dance at the Jungle Dance but he really isn’t a good dancer or even a dancer. So when the other animals make fun of him, he is dejected and accepts his limitation, until he finds someone who shows him the real beauty of dancing.


  • Illustrations. They are beautiful and starkly colorful. 
  • Self-acceptance and love. A very important theme for the kids to learn, especially in the times we are living in.
  • Gerald’s gentleness in the face of humiliation speaks tonnes about his character. 
  • Kindness, which is seldom seen, is apparent in this story in the form of Gerald and the cricket.

WHAT WE DISLIKED nothing. My kid loves looking at so many animals even though she hasn’t really grasped the story entirely.

Highly recommended. Published by Orchard Books.  Recommended age 2.5+ years.


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