Review – “Colours” by Ladybird Baby Touch

Colours by Ladybird Baby Touch was one of the first books that I bought for T when I was a novice in selecting age-appropriate books. Needless to say, it wasn’t until she turned 18+ months that I took this book out and started to read it to her and let her explore. This book, unlike other colors books, has different tactile surfaces accompanying the colors, so it helped us in other ways too. 


  • The pictures and color blocks were big and easy to recognize and remember for a beginner.
  • The accompanying tactile surfaces/textures are great and can be used as a separate feature.
  • There are some animal pictures as well, so shape and animal recognition may happen (though the animals were single-colored and nothing close to what they should have been)

WHAT WE DISLIKED the book was too short, just the 5 pages with 5 colors. I would have preferred it more had it had a few more colors.

A colorful book for the baby turned toddler to venture into the world of colors. Recommended for its multiple features other than colors. Definitely a keepsake for later when the child actually starts with these other features. Published by Ladybird Books Limited. Recommended age 12+ months but don’t expect the child to remember and speak the colors until they are at least 18+ months. T began only after turning 2.

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