Review – “Cave Baby” by Julia Donaldson

Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson is a recent addition to T’s collection and God knows how many times we have read it in the last 2 weeks. Maybe enough to last me a lifetime, but not her. She took to the book like a fish to water and there was no looking back. It went on for days and days until I brought out two more new books that went through the same fate as this one. Talk about escaping, LOL.

Cave Baby is a jolly good baby and just wants to play and have fun. His parents don’t let him do but there is someone who needs his assistance. Follow him as he goes along with his new friend to find a colorful world.


  • The fun Cave Baby. I am sure T associated with him well.
  • The paint colors were just so beautiful and so were the illustrations, apt at depicting what they were meant to.
  • The hilarious way of presenting various wild animals.
  • The rhyming words like all JD books.

WHAT WE DISLIKED the dark font in later pages, a little difficult to locate and read.

Highly recommended. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books (Pan Macmillan) Recommended age 2-2.5+ years.

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