Review – “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding is the second book in the Bridget Jones series. Following the journey of the protagonist, Bridget, this book gives us yet another peek into her life with her newly found Mr. Right Mark Darcy, along with some hilariously dangerous situations which she manages to land herself into without much ado.

Bridget is in a relationship, a genuine and fulfilling adult relationship with Mark, for over a month now, and for once in her life, she is not feeling miserable. She is in love, happy, and elated. She even has a new job! Still making it a point to write into her diary, she now has another count, that of the shags she has had with Mark to jot down, along with her scores of cigarettes, drinks, weight loss, and eating healthy. She starts reading a lot of self-help books, about dating and keeping your man. She also knows that Mark loves her, until, Rebecca, Mark’s colleague comes into the picture. Apparently Rebecca is a young, slim, and trim lawyer, and to Bridget’s horror, she finds Mark appraising her professional ability. Fearful of losing Mark to a competitor, Bridget divulges herself into more help books, how to ward off competition and how to bring your man like kinda books. She starts suspecting Mark’s faithfulness to her. She even enlists the help of her close friends, all of whom suggest she either confront Mark or leave him before he emotionally tears her apart. And since our Bridget is not all that confident, she dumps Mark on the pretext of him not loving her anymore and giving attention to Rebecca instead.
Meanwhile, in her new job in the television industry, Bridget is the oldie in her team. While some of the youngsters like her, some don’t for she is the one who keeps hogging the limelight with all her marvelous ideas, most of which turn out to be hilarious when she actually does it on live TV. She even gets to interview Mr. Darcy aka Colin Firth of the famous TV series, Pride and Prejudice, in Italy, which she screws up and is ultimately fired. On her return, her friend Shazzer convinces a dejected Bridget to put everything behind her, which can be only done when they go out and enjoy. Impulsively, they decide to tour Thailand and embark immediately. Enjoying themselves immensely on the beaches and the cottages by the side, Bridget starts missing Mark terribly, more so when Shazzer seems to have found a fling. It is not long that the identity of Shazzer’s fling is revealed to be that of a drug smuggler, who tries to use Bridget for transporting the stuff. As a result, she is caught and put behind bars for days without any scope for help. Shazzer, now back in London, enlists Mark’s help to get Bridget freed and the culprit gets caught as well. Thanking Mark for his generosity, she once again leaves him.
Bridget is now heartbroken and grieving over her loss and lack of good fate. As fate would have had it, she keeps encountering Mark in social gatherings, her goddaughter’s birthday party where he saves her from a rowdy child and when Rebecca invites her to a weekend outside the city, with she and Mark being the hosts. While Bridget’s fears come true about Mark and Rebecca, everything doesn’t go as planned. Over the stay, it is revealed that Rebecca had wanted Mark for herself, and to throw Bridget out of his life, had manipulated and doctored the situations in a manner such that Bridget had no choice but to get suspicious and leave Mark. Bridget and Mark, both realize that they were at fault, her for not trusting him and he, for not understanding her. It ends with them, in each other’s arms.

This book gives the readers an insight into their protagonist’s mindset. It allows us to understand Bridget a little more and bring about her personality in open. While I was happy to see Bridget settle down finally after years of a chaotic life at the beginning of the story, it was equally saddening to see her break-up with her Mr. Right on the basis of sheer suspicions. Her gullible and skeptic nature came out of the box to be scrutinized by her fans. The one thing that was quite relatable yet demeaning, was her constant under-confidence and insecurity, especially when Mark came into the picture, which so often happens with all of us, even if we are in a much better position than Bridget. But maybe, it is because her character is painted out to be so, like the way Mark’s is to be understanding and completely in love with the weird Bridget. This part of the series can be literally termed as the most romantic yet funny, with frame-worthy and he-loves-me/he-loves-me-not scenes, Bridget’s lovey-dovey episodes with Mark, her stupid decision of rebuffing him, her drooling over Mr. Darcy aka Colin Firth from Pride and Prejudice, her trip to Thailand and it’s dangerous consequences and finally her getting back with the love of her life. For those who have loved Ms. Jones since reading her first diary entry will now find her entering into their lives, effortlessly, with her out-of-the-place attitude and knack for inviting trouble, but hale and hearty.


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