Review – “An Elephant In My Backyard” by Shobha Viswanath

An Elephant In My Backyard by Shobha Viswanath was the first book that I bought from Karadi Tales and I really hadn’t looked up any reviews. The premise sounded interesting and I just bought it (hoarder problems 101) but T didn’t take to it well in the first couple of readings. Maybe because I introduced it a little too early for her age, she couldn’t grasp what the story was about. But now at 3+ years, I have reintroduced it and she likes it, so I think the gamble paid off. Also, there are no bad books, at least no bad children’s books 🙂 

Maya says there’s an elephant in her backyard but the adults think it is only Maya doing the tricks. What do you think? Did an elephant really come into Maya’s backyard?


  • The animal-human friendship.
  • The activities that can be done enacting the story.
  • The vivid imagination of things that could look like an elephant, super for young kids to imagine themselves.

WHAT WE DISLIKED complexity of the story. It is hard to decipher the exact age when the child would understand. It may be a hit or a miss.

It is a  good heartwarming read. Published by Karadi Tales.  Recommended age 3+ years.


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