Interview – Yash Pawaskar (The Three Psychos)

Yash Pawaskar is a storyteller. He is all about words and communicating them, and his job also demands it as he works in the Content industry. And in his free time also writes about his thoughts, experiences, or fictional stories in the form of novels. Quite the Potterhead, read below to find out what he has to say.

Q: Why did you pick up writing?
A: It is more like writing picked me up and I am grateful for it. I consider writing as a medium to express my thoughts. Other artists, for example, a painter might do it through painting, a dancer would do it through dancing, similarly, I think writing is the most natural way in which I can express myself.

Q: The inspiration behind your writing.
A: The drive to express myself is what inspires me to write. Writing is what I do on a daily basis so I do not need explicit inspiration to do so. If I was a banker for example then I would need to search for something to inspire me to write, I feel. Having said that, whenever I read a good story, a well-written article, watch a wonderfully-scripted movie or an innovative screenplay; it motivates me to write.

Q: ‘The Three Psychos’ is your second book and totally different from your first. Authors, nowadays, usually don’t change genres, they stick to what sells. What made you make the shift?
A: You are absolutely right when you say that generally, authors follow a genre. In terms of economics, that might be productive however, I am not sure if that is the most creative way to go about things.
Writing novels is more of a passion project than a full-time money-earning endeavor for me. Thus, I go with my instinct. There was no conscious decision to shift from a rom-com genre to a thriller-drama genre, it just happened.

Q: The book has 3 really strange short stories, connected via a blink and you miss it bond. The stories were absolutely fine by themselves, and you could have added a couple of more and made it an anthology. Please tell us why you chose to do otherwise?
A: Technically, The Three Psychos is a composite novel. These three stories can be read individually as well as linked together and viewed as a part of a larger canvas. That is why it is termed as Three Thrilling Stories, One Gripping Novel. The three protagonists in the three stories are a lot similar to each other, what is disturbing them is also similar and they are driven by a desire to reach a point, finish their journey, and in the process solve their puzzle.

Q: I have a question bubbling in me since I read the book, and now that I have chance to get an answer, please enlighten me, what is ‘The Mirror Program’ mentioned in the end? Somehow, I felt a sinister air around it.
A: Ah! Stay tuned, is all I can say for now.

Q: You are a second timer now, how different was your publishing experience this time around?
A: Dimple Publishing is a renowned name in the Marathi Publishing industry, and it is my honor to be associated with that name. I am grateful to them for publishing this book because it defies the norm, it is almost experimental. Second time or seventh time, publishing is a learning curve and you try to put that experience into practice when it comes to your next book.

Q: What’s next in the pipeline? Another genre maybe?
A: There are a few concepts in my mind. Whichever genre and story appeal to me the most I will go ahead with it.

Q: An author who you idolize, and wish could be like?
A: I have grown up reading the Harry Potter series and I like the way J.K. Rowling is extending the Potter universe with Fantastic Beasts, it is exciting and inspiring.

Q: A message for the readers out there.
A: Readers hold the key to unlock new stories. If they support new authors by purchasing their books then they will be rewarded with innovative stories written by new authors. Read the blurb on the back cover of the book; don’t just focus on the name on the front cover. Mischief Managed. 


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