Interview – Kapil Kumar Bhaskar (Reminiscences of a Seeker)

A dyslexic child, a former sports teacher, a meager employee of a garment factory to being the owner of one himself, Kapil Kumar Bhaskar’s journey has been inspirational! Therefore, when I got a chance to interview this highly spiritual man, I grabbed the opportunity immediately. Below is a snippet of him baring those aspects of his life, which he hasn’t done in his book already.

Q : What inspires you to write?
A : After the death of my Sadhguru, my real master in early, 2013, I went into severe depression. At that time my friends insisted that I write about my spiritual experiences and that was when I started writing the book.

Q : Is writing a full time job for you? If not, do you plan to in future?
A : No, time will tell.

Q : How and why did you find the need to embark upon a spiritual journey, it is not a common thing to do, especially nowadays when almost everybody is only materialistic?
A : I don’t believe that people are only materialistic; I feel they are looking for something. If they would have been only materialistic, then why they are not happy even after having all the money and material possessions.They have not yet understood the meaning of joy. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for joy. But the problem is that people are looking for joy in the physical world.For me, everything is spiritual.

Q : You are a very spiritual person, and we know quite a few aspects of your life now. We would like to know something which has not been included in the book.
A : As I said, for me, anything and everything is spiritual because it exists as it’s the wish of God.The book talks about one aspect of my life..but not the other aspects of my journey. The other aspects of my life are also very interesting and can be a guide to many.From Rs. 600 in my pocket I reached to that level where people dream of reaching. I was a dyslexic child and faced difficulties in my studies and in career and business too, I faced many challenges, but I overcame all the challenges and reached to the top.And at the age of 40, I left my entire business as I had decided at the age of 28, that I would retire at the age of 40.

Q : Has no one in your family ever objected to your workings? I mean have they all been supportive from the beginning or it took time for them to accept?
A : My family hardly knew how far I was into the practices. And for my daily prayers, everyone was fine with it. With time as my understanding grew, my family members also grew with me to some extent. My growth helped them to understand many deeper aspects of life especially with the blessings of my Guruji Swami Ramanand Saraswati.

Q : How was your journey from first draft to published work?
A : After the death of my Sadhguru, my real master in early, 2013, I went into severe depression. My friends insisted that I write about my spiritual experiences and that was the start. I completed the first draft in six months.In December, 2013, when I had just completed writing the last chapter of this book, I suddenly fell ill and was admitted in hospital and doctors declared that I won’t live. I was transferred from hospital to hospital. On the third day in the ICU, my late Master visited me. I had asked a wish from my late Master that when I would die, my Master would come to take me along. I knew that my time has come. Let’s go. But my Master assured me that the time has not come and that I would get fine. From the next day itself, my condition started improving and I left the hospital in matter of ten days. The doctors were also speechless and said it was not less than a miracle.However, I was bed-ridden for almost a year and half and slowly I started compiling my work before it could get publish.

Q : An author whom you idolize, and why?
A : I have not read any books, but whatever I read was those given by my Master but those were scriptures and that too was very limited. But what I feel, if you keep the awareness, you are learning all the time, but what you have to keep, it’s an individual’s perspective.

Q : We know the sequel is in the pipeline, but do you plan to foray into fiction?
A : As of now, I have not thought about it yet. I will write if my readers want me to write. After reading this book, many readers are approaching me with their questions and the questions from them are growing, so I might write a book, with whatever knowledge I have to answer their questions. As for writing fiction, I have not yet thought about it.

Q : A message for all those who are lost, and trying to find themselves.
A : Love yourself. God is with you and within you. Have faith.


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