Review – “Look Up” by Kavita Punniyamurthi

Look Up by Kavita Punniyamurthi is a gem of a book. Straight forward and simple, there are no layers in this story but just pure nostalgia for the good old screen-free days. I am so glad I came upon this while browsing Amazon for God knows whatnot. I sincerely wish that T would one day understand the beauty of this book and imbibe it in her life.

Gulu and Mimi are spending a day in the park and looking up. What do they find? Let us find out.


  • The simplicity of the story.
  • The innocence of an unadulterated and peaceful mind.
  • The activity that followed after the book, that is, finding our own shapes in the clouds while we looked up. 

WHAT WE DISLIKED the dialogues are short and go by too quickly. It could have been a little longer because it is so much fun.

It is a great read. So I’d definitely recommend it. Published by Tulika Books.  Recommended age 2.5+ years.


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